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Sustainability through Technology

World Petroleum Congress

Considered the energy capital of the world, Houston, TX hosted the return of World Petroleum Congress (WPC) to the US for the first time in 30 years. The WPC is known as “the Olympics of the oil and gas sector” due to its prestigious reputation. We were tapped by Ministry of Energy KSA to build a strategic plan for their event pavilion experience that would help to promote Saudi Arabia and KSA entities as a leader in sustainability.

How We Got THERE

To deliver content-rich, technology-based messaging to key target audiences, we designed a pavilion that encapsulated a full KSA experience in four zones, in addition to the main welcoming area. Each highlighted primary efforts toward economic diversification, addressing emissions and international collaboration, with 11 key technology displays that included kinetic screens, bespoke AR, MultiTaction and Interactive OLED, where we curated bespoke content for each.

The heart of the experience was a focus on the Circular Carbon Economy; Reduce, Remove and Emissions to Value​ message, communicated via a presentation amphitheater, VIP Majlis, meeting rooms and hospitality lounges. All supported by a purposeful approach to communications with targeted message collaterals to each entity.

Lasting Results

It was the perfect blend of event design, next generation technology and targeted marketing communications that brought together over 5,000 attendees including the industry’s top executives, government leaders and technical innovators.

And we were THERE.


To learn more about how we can elevate your brand experience, book a call with a Spiro experiential strategist.
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