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Where is your THERE?

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Ideas to incite & inspire.

Ideas to incite & inspire.

A multimedia, multichannel, multifaceted thought leadership platform brought to you by Spiro.

As the global brand experience agency for the NEW NOW™,​ we know that change is constant. Its rapid-fire, multidirectional, and can be very disorienting.

we embrace it.
we are inspired by it.

and…we’ve harnessed it into our own, in-house proprietary thought leadership engine for our clients, and for our industry.

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64%​ of
leaders say

their companies must create new digital solutions to overcome obsolete business models​ and strategies.

theme #1


The Seven Change Waves Impacting the Events Industry

Macro-change dynamics are altering the ways we connect, communicate and engage. Either ride the waves of change or be rolled by them.

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Gain competitive edge through pan-industrial intelligence.

Gain competitive edge through pan-industrial intelligence.

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delivers the Big Five:

Innovation, Insights, Ideas, Intelligence and Inspiration

It's a winning combination to equip you to move with change–even get ahead of it.

With such a rapid pace of change, it can be easy to get swept away by the most current trend or shift in consumer behavior. n•Spiro’s team of future-forecasters delivers learning and inspiration across an array of formats and ground trending innovations and topics by pairing them with actionable insights and foresights.

n•Spiro themes coming soon


The Great RE:

Put the top seven human needs at the center of your experience design and watch what happens.


Beyond the Room:

After the experience ends, what happens when people go back to their day-to-day lives? Watch to find out how connection becomes community.

New Now

The Core Four:

Future-fortify your events, say goodbye to the status quo and meet your audience where THEY​ are.

Companies with strong
innovation cultures have

6.5X higher revenue

than those without.

56%​ of
C-suite executives say...

increasing agility to better operate in a turbulent business environmentis their company’s top growth driver.

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To learn more about how we can elevate your brand experience, book a call with a Spiro experiential strategist.
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