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Cisco takes center court at World Expo: Dubai

Expo Dubai ​

World Expo returned after a year-long postponement caused by the global pandemic, with its first ever Middle East Expo, held in Dubai. 192 nations were present, uniting to build a better world through sustainability, mobility and opportunity. Cisco’s role was critical, as the event’s premiere digital network partner; their goal to showcase new technologies, bring people together and create strategic partnerships and alliances between countries. Our goal in partnering with Cisco was to create an immersive experience highlighting Cisco as a leader in innovations that power an inclusive future for all.

How We Got THERE

This took place over a massive 11,000sqft. of space. Employing our CCXD philosophy, we incorporated technology with custom design and emerging trends, to deliver an immersive environment demonstrating how smart, intuitive Cisco networks can enable new possibilities for the world. Named Cisco Grove, this space was a marriage of modern workplace meets integrated lifestyle, including a hidden VIP doorway and fully immersive branded tunnel leading to our hero digital innovation site. With a bright array of colors, digital signage, modern furnishings, and an amphitheater for dynamic demonstrations, we wrapped the audience in a 50ft. curved wall of messaging and data-driven connections for a sustainable, inclusive future.

Lasting Results

Cisco Grove became the hub of connection and innovation for over 35M visits, and highlighted Cisco’s ability to provide the most advanced technology infrastructure in World Expo history. ​

And we were THERE.



To learn more about how we can elevate your brand experience, book a call with a Spiro experiential strategist.
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