Boeing Starliner Launch is out of this world

Starliner Launch

Boeing’s Starliner capsule was developed to support NASA’s revolutionary Commercial Crew Program in development and training, and to act as a safe way to transport crew members to the International Space Station (ISS). So, this ‘launch’ was a big deal. As a longtime partner to Boeing, we were initially engaged to support the launch press experience but that quickly grew to creating:

  • Press & Media Chalet
  • Saturn 5 Welcome Reception & VIP Experience
  • Stadium Launch Viewing Experience

How We Got THERE

We took what started as an open field and turned it into a multi-functional, progressive experience Boeing could ‘own’, one that could accommodate a reception room, main presentation room, back offices and meeting areas. We creatively designed and turnkey produced everything from the branding, content and creative, through to full event logistics, electrical and Wi-Fi for the three-day activation.

We converted the media chalet into the perfect space to host presentations and conduct interviews with Boeing and Boeing partners. We dedicated the Gantry at KSC to tell the Boeing Starliner story. Designed for researchers and adventurers alike, their teams used lessons passed down from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and shuttle programs, including the firsthand experience of the astronaut who commanded Space Shuttle Atlantis on the shuttle program's final mission, through a progressive historical imagery display. VIP guests and potential customers were then led to a cozy, upscale reception area where they could view the launch.

Lasting Results

A leader in the space industry, this experience further underscored to the world, Boeing’s commitment to expanding humanity’s access to space.

And we were THERE.


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