Experiences for the NEW NOW™

The global brand experience agency for the NEW NOW™

This is Spiro

Born from the legacy of marketing experts at GES and now part of the GES Collective, Spiro was created to meet the changing needs of today’s brand marketers.

Because… a lot has changed.

Today, we face a new reality full of business, behavior, economic, sentiment and social norm change. The world has changed. Humans have changed. And the way we design events and experiences has changed right along with it.

Now, we can seamlessly create connection, build community and engage with experiences regardless of the time, place, space and medium we choose to participate from. There is no ‘getting back to’ what was. And for audiences, there’s little distinction between together and remote, hybrid or pure digital.

However we experience, it’s 'All Real Life’- ARL™

This is our new reality. This is the NEW NOW.

In the NEW NOW, experiences meet you where you are-transcending distance and spatial boundaries, existing beyond time and channels, larger than physical and digital mediums.

Whenever, wherever your THERE is, your experience can BE.

This is Spiro, and we are THERE!




Wherever you want to be!

We will take you THERE.

Are you looking to create flawlessly executed experiences that impact minds and change hearts? Better yet, what if your experience results in a joined community that continues to grow, add value and evolve? And what if that community reached beyond time and space- to whenever, wherever your audience is? We got you! We are THERE!


Who do we work with?

We work with event and brand marketers who are challenged by connecting with audiences whose preferences, behaviors, demands, choices, consumption patterns and affinities are constantly changing.

We work with event and brand marketers who are looking for partnership with multifunctional teams of creative solution seekers to deliver measurable results from event management services to community building experiences.

We work with event and brand marketers to create high-impact, high-return opportunities for connection via extraordinary experiences, whenever and wherever THERE is.

Take a look at some of our real-life success stories. There’s lots more where these came from, so give us a call. ​



Want to talk? We’d love to talk!

Ask us anything!

What is at the bottom of a black hole?

Is time travel possible?

Why do we dream?

Are we alone in the universe?

What is a prime number?

Why do we yawn?

Where is your THERE?

Go ahead, ​ just ask…

And to learn more about how Spiro can elevate your brand experience and design your THERE, book a call with a Spiro experiential strategist.

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To learn more about how we can elevate your brand experience, book a call with a Spiro experiential strategist.
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