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What is at the bottom of a black hole?

Is time travel possible?

Why do we dream?

Are we alone in the universe?

What is a prime number?

Why do we yawn?

Where is your THERE?

go ahead, ​ just ask…

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who is Spiro

This is Spiro

The brand experience agency for the NEW NOW™.

We are a community of global event professionals, born from the amazing work and legacy of GES corporate accounts and events, who have combined all of the talent and passions of brand experiences we’ve created in the past, to embrace and be empowered by the NEW NOW.

We are a community of global strategists, thinkers, dreamers, creators, producers, innovators, builders, branders, marketers, technologists, logistics experts and ops specialists. We use creative strategy and solutions to deliver more powerful opportunities to connect and create community in a constantly changing world.

By having the courage to challenge the brief, the status quo and the forces of change, we unlock what is possible in the NEW NOW, no matter how quickly NOW is changing, and no matter where the audience’s THERE is.



our beliefs

We live and breathe these truths:

Truth 1: THERE•ness™

In the NEW NOW, experiences are larger than physical & digital mediums.
THERE now exists across multiple dimensions.
Whenever Wherever Your THERE is your experience can BE.
THERE•ness​ is a radical future-forward concept… AND we take it even further.

Truth 2: Connection

The purpose of an experience is to connect, no matter how the mediums for delivery have changed.

Built into our human essence is a desire for connection. We all want to feel seen and heard, to attune to our environment, and to share and interact with others in ways that feel authentic and unforced.

Connection and community are not buzzwords- they are critical to our wellbeing and ability to thrive.

Truth 3: Community

The last years have left us with a collective experience deficit, which is especially difficult to reconcile because humans are social by nature. Our challenge at Spiro has been to crack this conundrum: how might we deliver experiences and events that result in connection and community, whenever and wherever THERE is? Well, we cracked it- wide open. Keep clicking and scrolling for the answer!




core values

Lead with creativity

Be authentically you

Fun thrives here

Inspire & be inspired

Better together

we look for talent wherever.

Our team is going places that you’ve only dreamed about.

As we navigate the NEW NOW, we are making an intentional effort to promote a positive work environment that welcomes a variety of backgrounds while promoting psychological safety and transparent communication. We understand that to build an amazing community, we must appreciate each one of our team members uniqueness, therefore, we are an equal opportunity employer. If you need accommodation because of a disability, we would be happy to support you through the process. Please contact our talent acquisition team at As part of our onboarding process, we conduct a background check for all new hires. Where applicable by law, offers of employment are conditional pending the satisfactory results of the background check.

To learn more about how we can elevate your brand experience, book a call with a Spiro experiential strategist.
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